It came to my thoughts in 2005, that we (Philatelists) were frustrated with the lack of knowledge about some of the stamps of Great Britain from 1841 - 1863, these being the penny red stars. These stamps are fasinating to collect and study! The probem was that in the past (early 20th century, certain stamps were removed from the imprimatur sheets that were held by the Post Office in London. These stamps were given to various entities to grace their collections. A couple of sets were given the the royal collection of King George V for example. I recognized that one of the ways that we could start to collect information about these stamps that we call 'Missing Imprimaturs' was by starting a group under the Mulready group, I called it the 'Missing Imprimatur Group' I asked the members of the Mulready group to start sending me scans of any known missing imprimaturs that they had or had scans of. I then created a database where they could be searched. The rest is history, as this project has been very successful. We now have a huge archive of these stamps but we are not done yet, there are still quite a few missing from our database. If you have information about any not found on the spread sheet from the home page, please email them to me and I will get them checked out for inclusion. I will even give you credit on the site!